Alfredo Riveroll

Living in Tokyo since 2015.

I have spent the last four years developing my skills as a Front End Developer.

In my previous work place, I received the award of “Most Improved Employee” in 2017 and I was promoted twice.

I am also the founder of Mipon, the most popular anime website in the Anime Tourism's industry. With less than a year, Mipon has more than 60,000 views per month.

I love managing teams, crafting fast websites and solving problems.

When I am not coding I'm usually:

  • ・Watching Sports and Anime.
  • ・Working on my personal projectMipon.
  • ・Learning a new technology.
  • ・Hanging out with my girlfriend and friends.
  • ・Reading books about Marketing, Business or Psychology (I read at least 20 books per year).